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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  June 5, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm jennifer franciotti. first we'll get a check outside with john collins. it is like we jumped straight into august with this hot, humid weather. >> yes, we had hot, humid weather. we seem to be getting a jump on summertime. we have had a couple episodes of warm conditions with thunderstorm activity. i don't know if that is an indicator or not. >> look into your crystal ball and tell us what to expect the rest of the summer. >> i just want to get through the weekend. not everybody shared in all this rain. with this heat some of the lawns are getting dry. we could use a little general rain. wouldn't hurt. there was isolated storm activity. radar shows all of this north of us and off to our northwest. everything is lined up between interstate 70 and interstate 80
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from pennsylvania way back into the midwest out toward iowa and into nebraska and parts of minnesota. really heavy storms in the midwest. the alignment of the storm will be on the edge, but an area that could see strong thunderstorm activity. we'll detail that coming up in just a few minutes. >> thanks, john. the latest forecast is always at your fingertips at our interactive radar allows you to track storms down to your street. log on to and click on "weather." >> a recovery mission resumes at lockraven reservoir. crews responded to 91 calls. several teens were swimming near the damn. they saw one person go under. crews searched for two hours but were unable to find the victim. this comes on the same day that a body was found in the tri delphia river in howard county.
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>> a dentist arrested, kenneth brian riley, arrested for drug sales. >> kenneth brian riley, according to authorities, sold vicodin and hydrocodone to one of his patients who then sold them on the streets of baltimore. >> it is a betrayal of his profession and a betrayal of the community in which he works. >> riley's patient ended up getting arrested and agreed to wear a wire to help watch riley. they witnessed a transaction in catonsville. when they saw the buyer, he walked to the balance coney.
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using his key vob, he popped the trunk where vicodin was sitting. >> he was making $10,000 a year with this little business that took a few minutes every week to accomplish. >> authorities also witnessed several deals at a mail box. riley was arrested thursday and put on con additional release from customer -- conditional release from custody. he nor his attorney were able to comment on the case. >> right now authorities say they don't know if riley sold painkillers to other patients or other drug dealers. >> 911 tapes are out on what sent the governor's 18-year-old daughter to the hospital the other week. tara o'malley was treated and released after what her mother called "a teachable moment." jayne miller has more. >> the calls record the police officers who responded to the incident last thursday evening on light street.
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the call started out routinely enough, a person at the iner harbor asking for an ambulance for someone who appeared to have too much to drink. >> i need an immediate 1038 at light and lee street. there is an individual possibly poisoned with liquor. >> alcohol poisoning? >> 10-four. >> a short time later a police sergeant asked the dispatcher to call him on his phone, adding, it was important. >> what's wrong? >> we have a 1038, the governor's daughter passed out over here. >> it is not clear how the officers knew the person they were trying to help was tara o'malley. their careful handling of the situation came through loud and clear. >> alcohol poisoning? >> yes. we don't want undo police presence showing up over here. >> the sergeant then says he doesn't want "him" to be mad at
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him, and it is unclear who he was referring to. tara o'malley was taken to the hospital and released. >> a new police fire and pension reform bill going before baltimore city council monday. the measure comes on the heels of a federal lawsuit filed thursday by the city's public safety unions demanding millions in under-payments of retirement benefits. it seeks an injunction from changes to the current plan. david colsins has the -- collins has the latest. >> it makes changes to the current police and fire pension plan. those familiar with the plan to be introduced on monday to city council say it is about what the city can afford. eligibility increases from 20 to 25 years of service. those who have 15 years in will be grandfathered or allowed to retire after 20 years. retirement pay increases will no longer be tied to the stock market. those under 65 will get a 1% increase every year. those over 65 will get a 2% increase each year.
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employee contributions increase from 6% to 10%. instead of calculating retirement pay based on the last 18 months on the job, it would cover the last 36 months. increasing this time period goes to an issue cited in a g.b.c. study on the pension plan. it identified the issue as spiking, characterizing it as troublesome because it allows an employee to alter their payment for life by seeking higher paid assignments. they found each person got a 5% bump in pay. the highest pay increase was over 30%. >> they are all members of the committee. >> the new bill replaces a measure currently before city council. the police and fire unions object to it because it sets a mim retirement age of 55. right now there is no mim retirement age. >> the police commission is aware of the new bill and say they will not support any
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changes in the pension. the mayor is expect today report on this before it being introduced to city council. >> a bill to be introduced monday changes council eligibility retirements and increases the contributions they have to make and caps their benefit as 65% of their salary. that system while much smaller that police and fire got a lot of attention when mayor sheila dixon left office in disgrace with her $83,000 a year pension in tact. >> most fans would say it was only a matter of time. dave trembley has been fired. >> he managed the team with the worst record in the major leagues and the team is working on its 134 -- 13th consecutive losing season.
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so trembley is out and juan samuel is in. some fan reaction to this. >> he was due to leave. i think omplee, i mean mean, i don't think anyone could win consistently with this team, but for the sake of change something had to be done. >> with the orioles putting a 15-39 record this season and heading for a franchise record 13th losing season fans we spoke to pretty agreed that the writing was on the wall. >> i think we need some better management, new management. i think there might be a difference. it might make a difference. >> that's definite. >> even the youngest fans weighed in on the firing of dave trembley and the bumping up of juan samuel. >> dave trembley was nice. i think it was inevitable. the orioles weren't having a nice season. >> they were feeling it was more
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what the organization was putting on the field. >> it is not the manager's fault. it is just the players. we need pitching. we need pitching. we need closing pitches. >> i guess it is not going to make a difference right away, but when things aren't going right for such a long time, you have to keep chig things and hoping something -- changing things and hoping something will work. >> they did lose last night. something has got to work. squ we'll cross our fingers. >> 6:10. 60 degrees on tv hill. ahead in "consumer alert" new changes coming to cigarette capping. >> plus thousands of barrels of oil continuing to pour into the gulf of mexico. we'll have that story coming up. >> and john has your insta-weather plus forecast after the
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>> tens of thousands of barrels of oil are still pouring into the gulf of mexico this morning. just a day after president obama adds third visit to the area. jay gray has the latest. >> on his third trip to the gulf since the spill, president obama spent time with the residents and business owners suffering from the effects of the b.p.
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spill on grand isle. late friday b.p. announced it was distributing a second round of payments to individuals around the coast bringing the total loss of income to $84 million. for many, that's not enough. >> you can see the death and destruction around you. it is building every day we have been here this week. >> a check can't replace what they are losing every day. the fragile mar muchlands, the ma -- the fragile marshlands, the pristine beaches dotted with thick, black tar. black clouds of oil continue to billow from the crippled well. >> what you see leaking out is there are four vents on top of this cap. through the course of this day as we begin to get the system operating, we will successively
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close those four vents. >> that process includes micking in hydrates that could block the flow. it may take a day or two to determine if the cap is waiting. they have already waited 47 days now along the gulf coast. jay gray, venice, louisiana. >> this morning on radar we see storms lined up to our north. up in pennsylvania they reach all the way back into the mississippi river valley. they are just training along this line between interstate 70 and interstate 80 out there. and this is where the predominant storm activity will be today. the further south you go, the le lesser the chance for some rain today. but we are in an area that could see very likely at least some scattered storms. so there could be strong ones. there were yesterday. most of it was up near the
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pennsylvania line here on tv hill at the airport and downtown. no rain measured. all passed to our north. >> let's look at the current situation outside now. the sun is out. has humid. 73 at the airport. 76 at the iner harbor. humidity is up. barometer is down. 29.76. that is not unusual for all this warmth that we have this morning. and the winds are calm. very summer-like conditions here this morning. we still have a come weeks to go. it happens around 7:28 in the morning on the 21st of june is when we officially get into summerfime. -- summertime. 74 annapolis, 73 easton. in the mid to upper 70's down in sals by and ocean city. york 67. 64 in oakland right now. the dew point temperatures are just about where the air temperatures are. very moist air. but when the due points in the 70's, that's tropical.
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that's getting down into like the amazon. annapolis and easton and sals by and ocean -- and slisbury all in the 600's. -- in the 60's. you add that and develop a trigger some place and boom you get thunderstorm activity and unstable air. here you see the heavier clouds lined up to our north reaching right back along i-70 into ohio and all the way back into illinois and back into iowa and even nebraska. these are the really big storms in iowa and illinois moving northeast. kind of lined up along and south of this front. that's where the humidity is most intense, with waves moving along the front. the best chance for severe weather will be out to the west. this warm humid air mass bumping up against the humid air in the great lakes and canada makes
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things unstable. our forecast today, a mix of sun and clouds. scattered thunderstorms quite likely, but we'll stress again the scattered nature of it. west to southwest winds at 5 to 10. 87 to 92 the high temperature range. insta- weather futurecast shows this rain activity popping up today, but notice how it looks denser up to the north. tomorrow a cool front. a line of thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. once that passes through, less humid air moves into the area, and we become more comfortable. that's the trend. now today, a slight risk of severe weather includes all of maryland. you go further west out in that line where the storms are training, and moderate risk of rain westward. so our forecast, seven days worth 90 today, 89 tomorrow. plenty of humidity. each afternoon, the next scattered storm and shower activity. rain might be more widespread tomorrow than during the day
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today. less humid starting monday. temperatures in the 70's to near 80. maybe rain shower activity on wednesday. >> coming up, a major recall linked to mcdonald promotion. the health hazard parents need to know about. >> find out about a new ap on your smart phone that could earn you money and other free stuff. >> plus, you probably have never seen anything like this before. they stagger and have a hard time staying upright. could these birds be drunk?
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>> in consumer alert a recall involving "shrek" movie promotion. painted designs on 12-ounce and 16-ounce cups contain a toxic
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metal that can cause bone softening and severe kidney problems. mcdonald's says people who bought the glasses should return them immediately. >> rice krispie seerls help boost -- cereal's claim that it helps boost immune systems has been dropped. >> cigarettes can no longer feature names like "light, medium, or low "which many feel are less dangerous than other cigarettes. they are replacing those with colors, yellow, blue, and orange. anti-smoking activists say it is
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just as bad with colors, but cigarette makers say they have a right to though consumers which is which. >> a smart way to boost your bank account. >> you don't need our camera to follow sam altman around. he helped launch the location-based social networking . you can track your friends with your smart phone. >> now luke's latest ap let's you benefit from your consumption. tell your friends when you are sipping a latte at stux or buying a -- starbucks or buying a whopper. free food. >> punch this card 10 times are fabulous marketting tools but a paint. because i put them in my pocket, wash my jeans, and lose that. but this is the computer version
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of that. >> with giant corporations like the gap which will give you 25% off after your second check-in. if you use yelp, how about a -- an ap you can trust because it is where your friends go. >> seeing your friends go is a good method of recommendation. >> it is a new way for advertisers to reach you because if your smart phone is on, you and your friends will reach each other first. scott budman, nbc news. >> don't go away. we have more news coming up next. first a look at some of the events going on around town this weekend. my dentist says brushing alone isn't enough
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to avoid dental problems. [ male announcer ] act total care mouthwash rebuilds enamel and kills bad breath germs. to help avoid dental problems, act daily.
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>> mysterious illness is causing birds in australia to act like they are drunk. it has affected hundreds of birds in darwin this year. the birds stagger around. veterinarians aren't sure if it is something the birds are eating or if it is a virus. >> some of them have that hangover, you know. unfortunately, it is not good. >> the problem appears every year at the end of the wet
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season. >> that's wild. >> yeah. >> that's very strange. >> the time now is 76:27. coming up, wall street takes a tumble at the end of the week. >> and what may be behind the massive selloff. >> first lady michelle obama enlisted the help of chefs across the country to improve school nutrition.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thank you for joining us. >> let's take another look outside with john. >> hot, humid. >> it's going to stay that way. it's ok with me. >> for those that have swimming pools, even those big above-ground things, i wonder if they got them going fast enough. a lot of people wait because, you know, the water is too cool. but we had a little jump start on summertime. >> you know, sprinklers aren't just for watering grass, we use them to jump through. >> yes. the water warms up, and the sprinkler could be a little bit of a shock.
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some folks will see thunderstorm activity build up. it was scattered near the ben ben line during the afternoon and evening yesterday. that will be of similar situation today. some of it will drift to the south. we could see more activity than yesterday. could be strong storms. we'll detail it all coming up on our insta-weather plus forecast. >> and you can track the storms which allows you to look at the weather down to your own street. you can find it on the home page of >> baltimore city police investigating two separate shootings involving two of their own. the first happened on eager street. an off-duty officer left a
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nightclub when an individual approached and made advances toward the officer's female companion. the incident escalated into a verbal argument which turned physical. the officer removed his gun and shot the individual multiple times. the victim later died at shock drama and at this time investigators are interview witnesses to determine if alcohol was a factor in the incident. details in another police-involved shooting in dundalk. the shooting happened inside the officer's home. barry simms has more. >> a break-in, and police say the person shot was the burglar. >> he went into the living room where he was confronted by the burglar. >> the resident is a baltimore city police officer. he was off-duty at his home in the 1800 block of willow spring road when he was awakened at
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6:00 friday morning at the break-in. using his service weapon, the officer shot a 26-year-old baltimore man. police say the man has an extensive criminal record involving theft and burglary. rescue crews rushed him to bayview medical center with a gun shot wound to the upper body. >> it's so scary, right in your door. so much happening. neighbors say burglaries here are on the increase. >> you used to be able to leave your bike out here. people breaking in garages and everything. it's terrible. >> baltimore city police will not release the identity of the officer. they will only say he is an 18-year veteran, and as routine they have placed him on administrative leave. >> also in the city, police are investigating a deadly stabbing in northeast baltimore.
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it happened after 12:30 friday morning in the 600 block. the victim was taken to bayview medical center. right now police have no suspects or motives in this case. >> in harford county this man is behind bars in connection with the beating death of his daughter. he's charged with attempted assault and child abuse. paramedicics responding to a 911 call found the girl unconscious. she was home alone with her father at the time. irons has not yet been charged in her murder. >> coming up, first lady michelle obama put out the call and hundreds of chefs responded. >> it is all part of her anti-obesity campaign. how she is hoping chefs will lend expertise to help children learn about food and nutrition. >> i'm rob roblin. it is the maryland green school youth stument. that story coming up.
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>> it was quite a sight to see at sandy point state park. the best view was from high above. >> maryland students created a giant painting. it is a polear bear standing on a rapiedly melting iceberg. rob roblin has more. >> in the state of mg maryland there are 340 certified green schools. becoming a green school is not an easy job. today schools from across the state were here at sandy point state park to receive their award for becoming a green school. >> they worked for two years, putting in best management practices, greening their school curriculum, reaching out into the community, becoming a model for their communities.
6:38 am
>> everything that they did to become a green school, like saving energy, saving resources, recycling, and making good habitats also makes good habitats for animals. >> caring for the environment and understanding their part of its care is the purpose of the maryland green school summit. >> it is important that they learn how to take care of their planet knowing that what they do in their little location has a global impact and not just their little piece. that they come here and even we have learned different ideas that other schools are doing. >> here at sandy point state park, there are all kinds of exhibits to demonstrate to these students to demonstrate to these students the importance of going green. >> we're going to turn that into a fuel that's useable. it is called biodiesel. >> teachers say it is the students that made the students green. >> we did reseek ling projects -- recycling projects within
6:39 am
this school. we did all kinds of things. >> we do a lot of cleaning, and we like to help the environment. we are learning to recycle. >> it is really fun, and it is also a great experience just to come out here and just to learn about the different things that we can use to help the environment. >> today was the first evergreen school youth summit. ron rob, wbal-tv 11 news. >> take a look at the weather outside. it is muggy this morning. we had the sun out here up to the north there have been showers moving across southern pennsylvania. big storms in southwestern pennsylvania moving across ohio. a lot of that will recharge in the heating of the day today. the basic lines of storms you see coming out of illinois and
6:40 am
iowa eastward just lined up west to east, that same thing will redevelop this afternoon and this evening. some of those storms will slip south of the pennsylvania line that affect us here in the baltimore area and parts of at least central maryland. maybe crop up in southern md -- maryland as well. again we have a chance for storm activity welling up. right now it is sunny out, though, and humid. temperatures 76 at the iner harbor. 84% the humidity. barometer down. if will is a breeze today it will be from the west-southwest pumping in lots of this tropical moisture that we have. a sampling of temperatures that we have solidly in the 70's around the chesapeake bay. ocean city is almost 80 now. even 70's in western maryland except for oakland where it is 64 degrees. pleasant out there. the dew point temperature is a real indicator of how much moisture is in the air. when the dew point temperature is in the upper 60's and 70's,
6:41 am
that's tropical, that's very equatorial, i guess you could say. annapolis 69. we're in the upper 60's here in the baltimore metro area. west minister dew point temperatures 66. york 63. 68 frederick. again, very tropical like. mid 60's even out into far western maryland. the humidity is everywhere. here you can see the storms lined up. in fact, they call this training as the storms keep redeveloping along the same lines. this is all in this humid air bumping up against a frontal boundary. a combination of a cooler front out into the midwest. this will be the area. this front will not move a lot during the day today. the little waves of energy move along the front, and that will stirrup the atmosphere in this warm, humid air mass north of that front. the training will continue today for the midwest right into our region in the mid-atlantic
6:42 am
region. we stand a good chance for seeing scattered storms especially from the baltimore area northward. 87 to 92 the high today. if it is not raining, it will be a mix of sun and clouds. slight risk for severe storms in our area. the more moderate risk is out to the midwest, parts of ohio and indiana back toward the mississippi valley. insta- weather futurecast shows the scattered nature of the storms here with the concentration to the north today. cold front comes through tomorrow. so then we'll see another band of showers and thunderstorms moving through tomorrow. once we get into monday and tureksmue midity drops off. ocean city forecast scattered storms today and tomorrow, but basically partly cloudy, warm, humid, 87 the highs most days. 90 and 89 the respective highs today and tomorrow in general in our area for the weekt. storms both days. higher rain chances tomorrow, and then less humid the rest of next week from monday on. and a lot of sun, and maybe a
6:43 am
few showers on wednesday. >> well, like it or not, and i don't know anybody right now who does like this, but it is bathing suit season, examine if -- and if you can't fit into yours, you are not alone. >> plus, how first lady michelle obama enlists the help of chefs across the country to help improve school nutrition. >> and here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. woohoo!
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your right color. >> you've heard all the jokes about school cafeteria food, but if first lady michelle obama has her way, that food could be healthier than some you get in restaurants. sally kidd has more. >> first lady michelle obama has assembled an army of chefs and sent them on a special mission. >> you will be helping students learn where school comes from. you will be working to create healthy meals on a budget. >> the chefs will partner with schools in their communities with the goal of helping improve nutrition. >> it doesn't have to walk in and take the schools over. ed kaye indicate the kids about nutrition. >> they are taking a cue from the first family and will be helping students create their own vegetable garden. >> i think once a child plants a seed and sees it grow and be able to take that, harvest, and
6:47 am
consume it, it is a magical and powerful thing. >> many of these chefs say creativity is the key. >> then we take the sugar snap peas and dab it with mesquite seasonning, and these are amazing. >> convincing kids to choose carrots over cheetos, that's a job for america's best. >> i think by showing children what is possible with fresh, tasty food, i think we'll get some converts immediately. >> and the first lady hopes helping childhood obesity in a generation. >> sally kidd, -- wbal-tv 11 news. >> time for "11 fitness." in time for bathing suit season. you could choose a t-shirt and shorts, but you rant to wear your bathing suit.
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>> i don't think anybody i know likes to go bathing suit shopping. they really don't. there is one store that used to. they had the skinny tan mirrors. i don't know about the skinny part but the tan part was brilliant. everyone looks better dark, you know? i don't even enjoy it, and i'm getting ready to go to hawaii in a few days. >> you have a good exercise, especially for the bottom porings. >> between the belly button and the mid thigh. right now the brazilian butt-lift workout. if you are up late at night, you will end up buying it. what it does, it lifts and shapes the butt. >> we know kim kardashian and -- is the big -- >> you want to get on something
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that's elevated, stairs or a step like i've got here. go town to a squat. never go lower with your butt than knee level, then you lift back up and hover, so that my glute, my cheek on my thigh is getting that lifted effect because i'm taking squat to a new level by elevating it. it works your core. you don't have to wear weights. sometimes you will find your body wea weight is enough. >> do the weights help balance you out while you're doing it? >> they can, but they add an extra 30 pounds to your body weight. >> sow can't spot reduce, but you can spot tone in those areas? >> you absolutely cannot spot reduce. if someone says you can, you can't do that. what they are doing is they are reducing the bloat in the person. the other one is called a dead lift. now i am standing on this step.
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holding two light weights or two stupe cans or whatever, that gives you resistance. >> that takes balance. >> it does. this leg is bent that i'm sitting on. you want to pull up. this one is a beautiful exercise. the leg i'm standing on is a leg that's getting the work. as i pull up, i'm losing my glute, my hamstreng, the back -- hamstring, the back of my leg. so it does strengthen. if you feel sore, don't be alarmed from that. you did it on purpose. >> show us what you can do here. >> everyone has one, right? it is in the back of my car. so put your foot on it, and you're going to lunge back and you are going to slide forward. >> ooh that's good. >> even if you didn't have these weights in your hands, this leg -- >> right through here.
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>> i'm going to let you keep on doing that because we're going to tell folks if you would like to get in touch with candace, and stay with us. john has another look at the weekend forecast when we come back.
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>> it seemed likely to come for about a month that dave trembley's tenure with the orioles would end, and on friday it did. a mark of nearly 100 games below .500, that did it for him. third base coach juan samuel promoted toman manager. his debut last night. it did not go spectacularly. in fact, i didn't think things could get worse, but it is possible they did. this was an uninspired outlook for the birds. chris tillman couldn't get out of the second. there you go. 7-0 before you know what has happened.
6:55 am
then it continues to grow. aid ran belt -- adrian beltre. matt weiters having an awful slump. after that strikeout in an 0-17 skid. not a hit this month. frank motta, what's the matter? pretty much everything. orioles absolutely dismantled. the debut of juan samuel. very upbeat after the game. >> i was very relaxed. when we were in office, i was in the dugout. i didn't feel any pressure at all. i was just relacked. and the guys went out and played. >> unfortunately for juan, they did not play very well.
6:56 am
the true sad news yesterday out of los angeles. john wooden passing away at the age of 99. he checked into ucla medical center may 26 ultimately passing yesterday from what doctors say were natural quases. wooden created a ucla basketball dynasty winning 10 basketball championships including seven in a row from 1967 to 1973. his b brewins -- bruins winning. a truly great basketball legend. we have lost him for good. that's a look at sports. i'm pete gilbert. steve davis back with you tonight at 6:00. >> well, john? >> hot, humid, maybe thunderstorms later on to today. >> all right. we'll keep an eye on it. thanks for watching everybody. >> the "today" thow show next.
6:57 am
see you soon. captioned by the national captioning institute --- --- >> he was born in poverty in cincinnati, the fourth of eight children, and became the owner of baltimore minority business. raymond hayes senior of the famed tuskeegee airman has died at the age of 90. in the early years mr. hazewood
6:58 am
started a business which made millions. by the 1908's the $30 million company was an example of business success for minority businesses throughout the nation. a speaker, advisor, and friend he served on boards from the councils to political activism. he helped integrate baltimore politics by working to get henry parks elected to baltimore city council in 1963. from sponsoring the world series to bringing the league back from the brink of bankruptcy. he remained active in the company business. and as stephanie rawlings-blake commented hazwood's death is th'
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woohoo! it's really hot out. and that beret is really not hot. i am all roots and no time. i gotta run. no! ooh! ah...! ah! ooh! that was impressive... did you know you can easily touch up your roots-- without a salon. ta-da!


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